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Savings strategies


Once the analysis of your cash flow is complete, we can determine how much should be going in to your savings. There are many vehicles in which to save money and there are different government regulated accounts in which to house your savings. We will help educate you on the differences and guide you on the best course of action suitable to your unique situation and goals.



Building your investment portfolio


We work with our clients to build a truly diversified investment portfolio containing a 30/30/35/5 split made up of


- 30% fixed income

- 30% equity

- 35% alternative non-market dependent

- 5% cash



Segregated funds


Segregated funds are key to retirement planning but they are also a powerful investment tool for individuals that are:

- self-employed

- seeking protection from creditors

- leaving a designated private beneficiary


Rob Carrick, Globe and Mail personal finance columnist and Asher Tward, Vice-President of estate planning, Tridelta Financial discuss the benefits of segregated funds in the below video.















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